Permanent Value

A New Year. A New Beginning.

Bruce Doole
January 19th, 2009

HISTORIC MOMENT IS UPON US… This Tuesday, January 20th we will inaugurate the first African-American President of the United States in our nation’s history. No matter what your political affiliation, this is a turning point for our nation. It signifies that we have as Dr. Martin Luther King said, elected our President “not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.” It has truly proved that no matter what your skin color, economic situation, or family background, this country is still the land of opportunity and that anyone can achieve incredible things if they have the determination and focus to do so. I along with millions of people around the world will watch this unfold before us next Tuesday.

IT’S ABOUT LEADERSHIP… Now more than ever we need strong political and economic leadership to guide us out of this crisis. As they say, it all starts at the top. We have to create confidence that this economy can correct itself and come back stronger than ever. The media has a seemingly never-ending flood of bad news: with the housing, stock and bond markets significantly down from a year ago, the government stepping in and subsidizing the banking, insurance, and auto industries, consumers significantly reducing their spending and retailers suffering the consequences. Lower sales and reduced spending have thus led to higher unemployment. People are scared and worried that this won’t end and that retirement and their other financial goals are just a myth. We are here to tell you that we will come out of this and that you will ultimately reach your financial goals. So…what are we going to do about this?

BE READY… Our first priority is to be prepared. We want to be a leader, not at the back of the pack when the economy turns around. It’s important to be diligent, have a workable budget and a plan reviewed regularly. This will allow you to save no matter what the economy is doing. Reducing debt and spending levels are high priorities for us, so when the economy does turn for the better we are in the lead, and are able to save and invest, producing the results you need. We are also working to ensure that your income and assets are protected. By positioning investment portfolios to take advantage of infrastructure upgrades, healthcare for our aging population and alternative energy needs we are also building in growth that will last for decades. This is how we are looking to the future. We are ready.

Best wishes and we so appreciate your support.

Bruce Doole  &  Nate Ritchison