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Helpful Websites

Here are some sites we hope you will find useful. As you surf the web, we will appreciate your suggestions for additional Helpful Websites that can also aid our clients.

College Savings

Comparing School Costs
Use this website to compare college costs and financial aid offers. Add some information about the schools you’re considering to see the financial impact down the road.

Save for College with Everyday Spending
When you make eligible purchase, this organization will return a portion of that money back to you! Those earnings will accumulate in your Upromise account until you decide to use it to help an eligible student. (And there is no fee. No catch.)

Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid
This user friendly website is a great source for both students and parents regarding scholarships, loans, aids, and beyond!

College Savings Calculator
Here you’ll find a user friendly way to calculate how much to put away for your child’s education based on their age and targeted tuition price.

Retirement Savings

Official Website for Social Security Administration

Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator
Confused about which IRA plan is best for you? This site will help you crunch numbers to determine your best option.