Permanent Value

Pivotal Value Coaching

At Permanent Value, we realize that planning alone does not ensure that your financial goals will be reached. Life can be hectic at times, and it’s easy for your comprehensive financial plan to fall by the wayside. Our experience has proven that people are most likely to achieve their goals when they are educated and regularly coached by a professional advisor. It’s in this determination to excel in our communication with clients that our Pivotal Value Coaching program originated.

Pivotal Value Coaching is about consistently guiding you in making financial decisions centered on your values. We’ve found that by being aware of the impact that each decision has on your goals, you are more likely to stay on track and accomplish the things that you value the most. We are here to support and lead you through every step, help you maintain focus, make informed choices, and not lose sight of the big picture. Once you’ve linked many monthly calls together, you are able to take a step back and see which calls were turning points, pivotal moments, in your financial story.

Pivotal Value Coaching Only

From our perspective, it is never too early to start planning for the future and working towards your financial goals. We want our clients to clearly see the benefits and results of our partnership, and we take it as the highest compliment when they graciously refer us to their friends and family members. Then they too can build momentum towards their financial goals. However, it is not always appropriate for every individual or family to have a full financial strategy at the moment. As we are committed to helping our clients and those they care most about, we decided to offer our Coaching Only service as a first step towards financial success.

Those who are interested in this coaching can still benefit from the Financial Freedom Tree conversation, our proprietary process that guides us in clarifying financial goals, values, and assessing the current financial picture. Next, we’ll schedule monthly calls and prepare actionable steps to work through together. Each month you participate in a personal call from your financial advisor to discuss your progress towards your financial goals, or other financial concerns. Through your commitment and discipline and our professional, dependable coaching, we’ll build steady momentum towards the future of your dreams.